Sellers Costly Mistakes

SELLERS BEWARE! There are some things you do that will end up costing you time and money. First and foremost get involved in the process. The information you provide to your realtor is important. Find out from your mortgage company – what is your payoff ? is there any pre-payment penalty? is there a second lien?
**If you bought your ho ...

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Checking your credit

Believe it or not, most people do not even know what their credit score is.   At one point in my life, I didn't know my credit score!  Altering milestones in my life caused some credit issues,  I just did not want to know,  But, at some point you need to know. You can not rent forever!  Paying someone else's mortgage a ...

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San Antonio Fire Museum

Do you need a place to go?   If you are downtown, stop by The San Antonio Fire Museum.  Located at 801 E Houston, at former Fire Station No.1, on the backside of the Alamo.     In 1997, a group of fire fighters banded together and came up with the concept of a museum for San Antonio.  The Museum is staff with reti ...

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Buy now

Stop procrastinating –~Stop delaying!    Waiting will cost you more money.  Days of 3% interest rates are gone, the rates are creeping up.  I had a buyer wait 3 weeks deciding on a home and went back to their original choice and it cost him a higher rate of almost 1%.  But, do not get me wrong rates are still goo ...

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Another day in Real Estate. Do you really want to sell

  New listing comes on the market.  I call Centralize Showing  Service to set an appointment to show the house and it comes back….DECLINED.  I receive a call from the Showing Service a couple hours later -you can show the house.   Me: sorry you are too late, already showed my buyers houses for the day.  We ...

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